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Backed by a combination of extensive research in the real estate market in Egypt and international trends and lifestyles, we create masterpieces with a new look and a modern edge.

We achieve this by keeping an eye on every detail. People are our most important asset. We diligently seek to achieve excellence by accountability and by using the most innovative resources and tools in the field.

Creo Developments

Delivering in December 2023

Established in 2020, Creo Developments has its sight set on becoming a major player in the Egyptian real estate market and being clients’ brand of choice, fulfilling their aspirations in living and working in locations that cater to their taste of quality, profile and luxury. With plans to acquire, develop and renovate real estate in unique spots around Egypt, connoisseurs need to be on the lookout for each of Creo’s new ventures.

7000 Units
300 Shops
Adminstrative Offices
270 Offices
Hotel Rooms
200 Rooms



The first integrated community in Port Said

Introducing the first integrated residential, business, commercial, hospitality and entertainment project in the City, Times
Square is the place to be for residents and
visitors. Stretched over 75,000 sq. m. of land,
everyone is sure to find what their heart



Co-operative housing represents an important part of the housing market in Egypt. Under the authority of the General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives we promote the continued expansion of the co-operative housing sector as a solution to housing need. The CHC has over fifty-five-year track record in forging innovative partnerships between communities and the public and private sectors. In overseeing a national confederation of housing co-operatives, the CHC recognizes that there are many differing views across the country and the CHC attempts to reach a broad consensus from these views.

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A member company of Care Services. The Company concluded contracts to build touristic villages, the most important of which was Reward (Pioneers) Hotel at the Oases. It is the only five-star hotel in this area. The Company entered into an extension contract of Sharm El-Sheikh and other facilities.

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Cube Consultants

CUBE Consultants – An Architectural Visionary Studio based in Cairo, Egypt, was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ashraf Abdel Mohsen, Ain Shams University – Architecture Professor and a firm believer that “The quality of Architecture could impact the Quality of Life”.

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إطلاق شركة ”كريو للاستثمارات“

صرح الأستاذ شريف حمودة رئيس مجلس إدارة شركة كريو للتطوير العقاري انه قد تم تأسيس شركة (كريو للاستثمارات) في بورسعيد لتكون ذراع التسويق و المبيعات لمشروع تايمز سكوير بورسعيد و الذي يعد من أرقى وأكبر المشاريع العقارية (سكني/ اداري/ تجاري/...

كريو للتطوير العقاري تستعد لإطلاق مشروع تايمز سكوير بورسعيد بمشاركة الفنان هشام عباس

في اطار الاعداد لاطلاق تايمز سكوير اكبر مشروع عقاري في بورسعيد تجري شركة كريو المطور العقاري للمشروع مع الفنان هشام عباس لتصوير فيديو اعلاني لمشروع ( تايمز سكوير ) يُظهر المقومات الاساسيه للمشروع من سكنيه واداريه وتجاريه وترفيهيه ويُوثق مراحل...
220 Crown Building - 2nd sector, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

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